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Sharkor - A drilling tool for a quick start up.

The Sharkor : Turbostart Drilling !

The extremely quick and precise start up of the new Carbodiam Sharkor will surprise you when drilling in any heavily reinforced concrete!

The Sharkor drill has a castellated side shape to reduce the friction between on the concrete and still have a self-sharpening design . These features ensure a quick and smooth start-up!

Time is money and increasing the effectiveness of the operator improves the profitability of each job! Thanks to the unique shape and profile, the Sharkor design eliminates vibrations at start-up and during drilling operation. This makes drilling easier, more precise and comfortable for the operator.

The Sharkor drill bit is designed for exceptionally stable drilling from start to finish! This allows very accurate drilling in any position and is especially appreciated by the operators in wall and ceiling drilling situations. After the initial positioning of the rig and the tool, there is no need to guide the drill during the start-up. Sharkor precision drilling reduces the effort required by the operator.

The Sharkor will find its way in any situation, in any reinforced concrete.