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Qualification Green Tools Classification Camel Tools

Purchasing from companies that feel responsible for the future will encourage others to follow this example and help those companies continue their quest for a better future. With this in mind the European Diamond University introduces the new Green Tool Qualification and Camel Tool Classification for Diamond Tools.
Diamond Tools with the Camel Tool Classification have been tested to ensure the same performance, reliability, speed and durability with reduced watering during the cutting process. Using low water demanding tools will reduce the amount of mud produced. Camel Tools also contribute to reducing the nuisance for the environment as well as improve the operators work comfort.
The difference in consumption is defined with 3 levels of sobriety :
-25% H2O
-50% H2O
-75% H2O
For example three quarter less water, thus only one quarter of the water usually required, is enough to get the job done. This means four times less mud to collect and get rid off.
Carbodiam is the first company for which products have passed the Camel Tool tests and been certified as Camel Tools:
-75% H2O:
All Cobrator wires
Concrete screed blades: BIA, BIC, BIB
-50% H20
Drills : Sharkor (H10)
Wall saw blade: VX (with hot-forged segments)
Floor saws : BTE et AHE
-25% H2O
Drills : Tornador
Floor Saws : BVE et AZE
Wall Saws : MX.
The European Diamond University has also established the Green Tool Qualification specific Diamond Tools. A Green Tool contributes to reducing the impact on environment as much as possible and respect at least two commitments of the EDU Environmental Policy: « Your World Your Future ».
EDU announces that the following Carbodiam tools have been qualified as Green Tools :
Raptor Green Surfacing Wheel (no water, less dust, long life),
Cobrator – Wire (Camel -75%, less noice, less dust),
Heli-Tools Surfacing Wheel (no water, no dust, rechargeable plates)
For details on the above Green Tools and Camel tools :